The Color Purple


Next week, Des Moines welcomes the Tony Award-winning production of the Color Purple. The show is in town from Tuesday, October 31st through Sunday, November 5th. Ticket info can be found here

Back in 2015, Ben Brantley had this to say about the show's revival in the Times, "Give thanks this morning, children of Broadway, and throw in a hearty hallelujah. The Color Purple has been born again, and its conversion is a glory to behold."

I've never read Alice Walker's beloved novel and I've somehow also never seen the star-studded adaptation from the early 90's, so I'm headed into this show with very little knowledge of what I'm about to see...that excites me!

Over the summer, I had the pleasure of seeing James Baldwin's the Amen Corner and I knew nothing about it when I arrived. Lo and behold, it ended up being one of my favorite theatrical experiences of the year. Maybe this will be the same? Check out my stories on Instagram after the show for my review. 

(photography courtesy of Matthew Murphy)