midwest expat is such a great series

My Midwest is Showing is one of my favorite sites. Sammy Walsh focuses exclusively on Midwestern folks and I just feel like that group is severely underrepresented....until now! 

She has an ongoing series entitled "Midwest Expats" and it centers on Midwesterner's who have moved far away from their home states. Earlier this week, she featured Erika Veurink, one of my other favorite writers/content creators. You can read their hystericall/insightful interview interview here.

But in case you need prodding, here's a portion that made me laugh out loud. When asked her favorite things about Brooklyn, Erika said,

"My first years in New York were spent in Chelsea, which, while central, lacks personality. Park Slope is a slew of local businesses, little families, and irrationally angry Italian men. I love that. Prospect Park is a few blocks away; ideal for afternoon walks or spreading a blanket and reading. I have a local liquor shop, a local bodega, and a local crazy person. The separation from the buzz of the city makes living here so much sweeter. Plus, I get a little giddy every time I take the F into the city still."

Both of these ladies are creating worthwhile, original content. Add them to your bookmark! Or whatever the 2017 version of that is.