first popup dinner of the year!

Last month was Around the Table's first dinner of 2017 and it was a magical evening to say the least. Sixteen guests gathered on the rooftop of the Des Moines Building to share a meal with one another and experience the city in a new and unique way.

I can't really explain what it feels like to watch as a group of strangers become friends, but every time I see it happen it renews me faith in the power and importance of connection. We're online so often that I think we forget what it feels like to experience something with people by our sides. That's irreplaceable and long as I'm here, I want to help people remember its importance.

In lieu of more words, I give you pictures! All done by our mega-talented friend/storyteller, Liz Brown, who was scheduled to stay an hour but ended up staying for three because she's awesome. We love you Liz!

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The above pictures are from the cocktail hour. I think it ended up being a "cocktail hour-and-a-half" but who cares, right?

The menu was crafted by Esther Lang and styling by done her sister, Emma. Esther has a website coming soon and I'll be sure to link to that when it goes live. 

We had so much help for the evening and we couldn't of pulled it off so well without them. Special thanks to Anna Elliot (left) who helped us set up the event and serve guests throughout the evening.

I also want to thank Desiree at the DSM Building for graciously allowing us to utilize her building for our event. The room was a wonderful blank canvas for us to work with and it had two private balconies, which helped us create something special for our guests.

Also something at the dinner ended up being a cool blessing in disguise: upon arrival the guests had to ride two different elevators in order to reach the highest floor. I flashed a device in the first elevator and then let them go up alone to the fifteenth floor where Anna was waiting to guide them the second elevator. Logistically, it was kind of crazy, but I think it added to the overall experience. It also made it feel like a swanky club in Los Angeles....

What a night! Until next time!