first popup dinner of the year!

first popup dinner of the year!

Last month was Around the Table's first dinner of 2017 and it was a magical evening to say the least. Sixteen guests gathered on the rooftop of the Des Moines Building to share a meal with one another and experience the city in a new and unique way.

I can't really explain what it feels like to watch as a group of strangers become friends, but every time I see it happen it renews me faith in the power and importance of connection. We're online so often that I think we forget what it feels like to experience something with people by our sides. That's irreplaceable! And long as I'm here, I plan to help people remember its importance.

In lieu of more words, I give you pictures! All done by my mega-talented friend/storyteller, Liz Brown, who was scheduled to stay an hour but ended up staying for three. We love you Liz!

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In the Village Dinner

A few weeks ago, I co-hosted a popup dinner and it was magical. Nineteen guests joined us in the heart of the Historic East Village for a five course meal and endless conversation. Someday I'll do a post about how these pop-ups came to be, but for now take a look at some pictures from the evening's event.

The popup was hosted by Around the Table, a local creative collective that seeks to connect people through a shared culinary experience. Throughout the last few years, I've found that something special happens when you feed people a good meal and invite them into a beautiful experience. When I first started hosting these events, I noticed that people paid for a good meal, but that what kept them seated afterwards was the communal aspect that the meal fostered so well. 

While these events take lots of planning and the logistics can be difficult (I speak from personal experience when I say that hauling tables all the way down Grand Avenue is a chore) that frenzy tends to fade into the background once everyone is seated. Once we're around the table, everything just flows: conversation, laughter, and, yes, also wine.

I think that the popularity of social media has created a hunger in people for tangible experiences that occur offline and I think that these dinners fill that void nicely. I hope you're able to join us someday at one of our events. It's unforgettable and it makes the world feel a little bit smaller. 

Special to Liz Brown for the spectacular pictures, Mars for their barista and pour-overs, and Chrissy over at Domestica for allowing us to utilize her gorgeous retail space.