first popup dinner of the year!

first popup dinner of the year!

Last month was Around the Table's first dinner of 2017 and it was a magical evening to say the least. Sixteen guests gathered on the rooftop of the Des Moines Building to share a meal with one another and experience the city in a new and unique way.

I can't really explain what it feels like to watch as a group of strangers become friends, but every time I see it happen it renews me faith in the power and importance of connection. We're online so often that I think we forget what it feels like to experience something with people by our sides. That's irreplaceable! And long as I'm here, I plan to help people remember its importance.

In lieu of more words, I give you pictures! All done by my mega-talented friend/storyteller, Liz Brown, who was scheduled to stay an hour but ended up staying for three. We love you Liz!

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